Ace Roofing Services Inc.

We Are a Roof Repair and Service Company Serving Grand Rapids and the Greater West Michigan Area

Does your roof need attention?

We can take care of it for you.

We repair all kinds of roofs, from sloped to flat, shingles, metal, tar, membrane etc. Our customers are property management companies, local and national, private building owners, schools, churches, houses, and more. Ace specializes in keeping old roofs leak free until the owner is ready to replace the roof. We are also called upon to help customers or new tenants with sealing up new penetrations going through the roof, or updating flashings on old penetrations.


In addition to repair, we also provide roof inspections, consulting, and maintenance. From helping decide the best roof economically as well as performance, inspecting the roof as it is being installed and when finished, to maintaining the roof throughout its life, we help you get the maximum life with the least amount of cost.

Our Approach

Ace usually sends one service tech out to a job, so you aren’t paying an entire roofing crew’s billable man hours. The problem is usually taken care of in a single visit. With 34+ years experience in the roofing trade and most of it on the service side, we know what to look for and where.


We service any and all types of roofs including EPDM, BUR, Mod bit, TPO/heat weld, metal, shingles, and wood shakes.

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If you are questioning your roofer’s knowledge, rates, or are just tired of them, give us a call and we will be more than happy to prove ourselves.